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Verksam inom
Mitt författarskap
I was born and raised in Umeå, Sweden. I have Finnish heritage. I am a curious person and a kind person.
I have Aspergers syndrome and schizophrenia also so I am a deeply disturbed person. I have a big family here, close to me, which is really great.

I have been a student at Umeå University and studied System Science which was really fun. I like to baking and to watch TV. I like going to the cinema.
The music I like is mostly Rock then Hip Hop and Pop. Bands like System of a Down, Avril Lavigne, Michael Jackson, Nickelback, Eminem and so on.
Some of my favourite series are Simpsons, Bosch, Family Guy and more.
I support democracy.
I have been through much pain and despair in my days especially in school
But today I am happy, I have left all of that behind me

I live in the moment
I write in the moment
I write poetry in english
Poems of Dark and Light: Hope for Everything Expect Nothing
This is my first book with my poems.
I write in english because I enjoy the english languange
Even though I live in Sweden and have Swedish as my first languange.
My Poems are about many different things, everything between heaven and hell.
Words just come from inside of me.
from my brain, they just flow.

I have been writing down my poems for a long time, from when I was very young.
I like writing them down and here they are.
I hope you enjoy my poetry! Have fun reading them!
My Own Poems of Life
This is my second book with my own poems
They are about all kinds of things
A whole lot of many different subjects
What I think
What I believe
And like about the schizophrenia and Aspergers syndrome that I have
They are all in the english languange
My own thoughts written down for you to read
I do enjoy writing down this poetry and I hope you will enjoy reading them
It was really a lot of fun making these
Altough I'm from Sweden and Swedish is my first languange
I just prefer writing my poems in english
It's just something about the english languange that I like
That I prefer

I get these thoughts and then I just write them down
When I get inspiration really
And I have inspiration to write all of the time
As you will see
Which is great